Shattered City Sneak Peek

  • Posted on September 9, 2010 at 7:54 pm

Yes, Creature Court #2, formerly known as Cabaret of Monsters, has been retitled The Shattered City. It’s due for release in April 2011.

Over at the Voyager blog, they have a sneak peek of the opening chapter!

4 Comments on Shattered City Sneak Peek

  1. Jane Taylor says:

    2010? Did you mean 2011?

  2. Trent Jamieson says:

    Oh, I love the title, Tansy!

  3. […] looking forward to the publication of Mira Grant’s Deadline, Tansy Rayner Robert’s Shattered City, Karen Healey’s The Shattering, Holly Black’s Red Glove, and Kristin Cashore’s […]

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