About Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner Roberts lives in Tasmania with her partner and two daughters. She has a PhD in Classics and is an enthusiast about Ancient Rome and women’s history. She began writing The Creature Court while working on her thesis about the public image of women in the Imperial Court of Rome, and thinks the whole thing makes a lot more sense if you accept that Caligula was a vampire…

Tansy writes reviews at Not if You Were the Last Short Story on Earth and keeps a blog about writing, reading, mothering and her various obsessions over at Stitching Words, One Thread At A Time. Tansy also contributes to the group writing blog Ripping Ozzie Reads and is one of the voices of the Galactic Suburbia podcast.

For more of Tansy’s writing, try “Siren Beat,” a novelette about kraken, immortals and seductive sea creatures, published as half of the Siren Beat/Roadkill chapbook at Twelfth Planet Press. Her short story collection, Love and Romanpunk, is also available from Twelfth Planet Press. You can also find stories by Tansy in several of the Twelfth Planet Press anthologies, including 2012, New Ceres Nights and Sprawl.

As well as reading her blog, you can follow TansyRR on Twitter or email her directly at creaturecourt@gmail.com

Interviews and Articles
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