About Aufleur

Aufleur is a city of secrets. Dark gothic spires, domed buildings, high balconies, all built over seven hills. The city is divided into several districts, each administered by a proctor and his staff, who all report to the Duc of the city – or, more recently, the Duchessa.

But there is a second city, built beneath the foundations of the first. The Arches was once a place of retreat for the people of Aufleur, when the skywar raged overhead. But now it is forgotten, its churches and warehouses and shops all abandoned… except by the Creature Court, who make this place their home.

Aufleur is one of three cities in the principality of Ammoria. The others are Bazeppe and Tierce. More will be revealed about them in the books to come!

Here is a post I wrote about the visual inspirations I had for the city of Aufleur.

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